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Rule Changes 2016

  • Waivers - NVTBL allows one waivered player per team
  • The waiver must be applied for by contacting your NVTBL scheduler with the player's name, age, DOB and reason for the waiver.
  • The waivered player must not be one of the best players on your team (i.e., catcher/pitcher).
  • Please note waivered players are ineligible to participate in any NVTBL Tournaments-NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The regular season will be kid pitch.
  • The pitching distance from the mound will be 46' for all 8u games.
  • There will be no coach pitch at 8u.
  • The complete set of rules for 8U - 12U - Here
  • The complete set of rules for 13U and older - click here
  • NVTBL will be providing list of waivered players to all teams per division.
  • 8U
  • Pitchers
League Rules
NVTBL Coaches "Rules of Engagement"
  1. Pay close attention during the scheduling process.
    • Come to all meetings as requested.
    • Enter 3 Contacts (name, email address, & phone #) to Team Information.
    • Always have a printed copy of the contacts list at your disposal.
    • Always have a printed copy of the baseball field care for the field where you are playing at your disposal.
    • Call your opponent 2 days prior to every scheduled game.
    • Bring an NVTBL rules sheet to every plate meeting.
    • Don't get tossed from a game.
    • Be nice to the NVTBL Staff and they will be nice to you.
High School Federation Rules
  • The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) 2011 Baseball Rules are used by NVTBL as the primary rules to govern play for 13U and up teams. These rules are only superseded by AAU Age Group Competition Rules and NVTBL Local Rules as shown below.
Age Group Competition Rules
  • Head First Slide - 8U - ODL: A player sliding head-first into home base will be called out.
  • Bat Size - Age 8U - 14U divisions: Players shall NOT be limited by the 2013 High School Baseball Rules published by the NFHS regarding bat dimensions. JV, Varsity and ODL teams must follow BBCOR standards. All bats need to be BPF approved.
NVTBL Local Rules 8U - 12U Teams
To view the rules for the 8U - 12U teams, Here
NVTBL Local Rules for 13U - 19U Teams
To view the Rules for 13U - 19U teams, click here
ODL Rule Modifications
Updated 4/22/2007
  • Play governed by the current High School Baseball Rules as published by the National Federation of State High School Associations, except as modified by ODL local rules. ODL Local Rules
  • DH/EH shall be in affect. Teams may not use DH and EH in the same game.
  • Official Book - The home team shall keep the official book. Home team is determined by a coin toss. In the case of a double header, the team that is the home team in the first game will be the visiting team in the second game.
  • Courtesy Runners for the pitcher and catcher are allowed. A courtesy runner shall be an eligible substitute per NFHS rules. If no official eligible substitutes are available, the last batted out may be used as a courtesy runner. A starter who is eligible to reenter the game will be considered an eligible substitute for the purpose of determining a courtesy runner. Under no circumstances shall the same player be allowed to run for both pitcher & catcher.
  • Manager/Coach/Player Ejection policy -- same as NFHS rules (game in which ejection occurred plus following game); team will be fined $100.
  • Pitching visits - The Major League pitch rule, 8.06, shall apply: The league shall adopt the following rule pertaining to the visit of the manager or coach to the pitcher
    • This rule limits the number of trips a manager or coach may make to any one pitcher in any one inning;
    • A second trip to the same pitcher in the same inning will cause this pitcher's automatic removal;
    • The manager or coach is prohibited from making a second visit to the mound while the same batter is at bat, but
    • if a pinch hitter is substituted for this batter, the manager or coach may make a second visit to the mound, but must remove the pitcher.
    • A manager or coach is considered to have concluded his visit to the mound when he leaves the 18 foot circle surrounding the pitcher's rubber.
    • If the manager or coach goes to the catcher or infielder and that player then goes to the mound or the pitcher comes to him at his position before there is an intervening play (a pitch or other play) that will be the same as the manager or coach going to the mound.
    • Any attempt to evade or circumvent this rule by the manager or coach going to the catcher or an infielder and then that player going to the mound to confer with the pitcher shall constitute a trip to the mound.
    • If the coach goes to the mound and removes a pitcher and then the manager goes to the mound to talk with the new pitcher, that will constitute one trip to that new pitcher that inning.
    • In a case where a manager has made his first trip to the mound and then returns the second time to the mound in the same inning with the same pitcher in the game and the same batter at bat, after being warned by the umpire that he cannot return to the mound, the manager shall be removed from the game and the pitcher required to pitch to the batter until he is retired or gets on base.
    • After the batter is retired, or becomes a base runner, then this pitcher must be removed from the game.
    • The manager should be notified that his pitcher will be removed from the game after he pitches to one hitter, so he can have a substitute pitcher warmed up.
    • The substitute pitcher will be allowed eight preparatory pitches or more if in the umpire's judgment circumstances justify.

NVTBL Pitching Rules/Guidelines


  • Managers are responsible for implementing & administering safe pitching guidelines for each pitcher.
  • NVTBL recommends that each team establish & adhere to written guidelines that have been reviewed with all parents involved in the team.
  • To view the pitching rules, click below.