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NVTBL Weather Hotline

NVTBL Weather Hotline Information


8U - 12U Umpire Associations


Coaches for 8U - 12U - please login to the NVTBL.ORG website and go to your schedules. Check to see which umpire is assigned to your game. The contact info for that umpire should be listed. Please do not send text messages to cancel - some umpires do not have that feature set up and may not receive the message.


MAC Assigner (13U and up): 

Mid-Atlantic Officials (MAC)


Phone: 571-765-1558


Phone2: 703-978-3601


View your schedule to verify that MAC Assigner is listed as the umpire organization before calling them to cancel a game.



What To Do In Case Of Rain

When you need to cancel a game, please follow the instructions below -

******NOTE: We are using multiple umpire associations, so you will need to view your schedule (website=www.nvtbl.org) to see which association you need to contact to cancel your game. Call the Individual or Association listed beside your game.***** 

Weather-Related Cancellations

  • Check the field to confirm it is unplayable. 

  • Contact your opponent to let them know. 

  • Check your schedule to see which umpire is listed for your game and call the umpire listed for your game (will either be an individual listed or an association) and cancel the game. NOTE: Games canceled more than 3 hours in advance - no charge. Games canceled less than 3 hours - charge is ½ game fee. NOTE: If the umpire has not left for the game and can be reached, there is no charge.

  • Login in to the system and go to VIEW SCHEDULES. Locate the game and "score" the game as a rainout.

    Not enough players, date change, time change, etc.

  • If it is 24 hours or less from your game time, you need to call the umpire listed for your game. You will be responsible for game fees.

  • If it is more than 24 hours from your game time, call NVTBL and see if we can find a team to take your place. NOTE: You will be responsible for game fees if we cannot find someone


  • Inclement weather info for fields is posted on the NVTBL website. Some fields do not have an inclement weather number. FIELDS

  • Call the number for the field to see if the is open or closed. If there is no number or the field info is not updated on the weekend, go to the field and view the conditions. Decide if it is playable or not.

  • Call your opposing coach. 

  • If the field is not playable, call the umpires as early as you can to cancel your game. Do not send an email! 

  • The telephone numbers for the umpires are listed next to your game under the SCHEDULES tab on the website. 

  • Update the website. Click on 'Schedules' button & bring up your team's schedule. "Score" the game as a rainout.

  • If the field is "open" but the field is not playable, don't play!

  • Do not call the umpires to ask whether your field is open -- they do not check field conditions.

  • Fields are allocated to us by different jurisdictions and our field allocation depends upon our treating these fields with respect. 

  • Damaging a field is a good way to get kicked off the field. Do not play on the field if the field is unplayable.


  • For Fairfax County Park Authority Fields you can also check their website Fairfax County Park Authority Field Status or Call the Fairfax County Park Authority Inclement Weather Hotline#: FCPA 703-324-5264 (Mon-Fri after 3:00 p.m.) 

  • As of 4/15/17 the Loudoun County Sports Hotline will no longer exist. The link below is the app and website that we will be using to check statuses by registering and having automatic emails being sent out as changes occur for those signed up. Going forward every year this is how teams will be able to check to know if their fields are playable that day. 


  • For field status on Veterans Park in Woodbridge, call 703 792-3285.