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League Rules 13 & Up

updated 8/8/18

2018 League Rules 13U, 14U, JV, Varsity and PSL
High School Federation Rules
The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) 2018 Baseball Rules are used by NVTBL as the primary rules to govern play. These rules are only superseded by Age Group Competition Rules and NVTBL Local Rules as shown below.
Age Group Competition Rules

Head first slide – All age levels:  A player sliding head-first into home base will be called out. 

Bat Size - Age 8U - 14u divisions:  Players shall NOT be limited by the 2018 High School Baseball Rules published by the NFHS regarding bat dimensions. JV, Varsity and ODL teams must follow BBCOR standards. All bats need to be BPF approved.

  • 13U teams - USA and USSSA approved bats
  • 14U teams - USA and USSSA approved bats
  • JV teams - bats are restricted to the BBCOR standards
  • Varsity/PSLF teams - bats are restricted to the BBCOR standards
  • PSL teams - bats are restricted to the BBCOR standards
  • **BBCOR bats can be used at any age level**

- 13U or 14U Teams Playing UP as a JV or higher level team – Bats must follow BBCOR standards. Teams are not allowed to use bats that do not follow these standards if they play “up” as a JV or higher level team.
NVTBL Pitching Rules/Guidelines
Managers are responsible for implementing & administering safe pitching guidelines for each pitcher.  NVTBL recommends that each team establish & adhere to written guidelines that have been reviewed with all parents involved in the team. 
NVTBL Local Rules:

10-run rule will not be in effect. 

o All Players must have uniforms with numbers visible on the back of the jersey.

o All on-field coaches for all levels (8U – PSL) who step on the field before, during or after the game must abide by the NVTBL dress code.  Acceptable tops include a team jersey, team t-shirt (LS or SS) or team jacket.  Acceptable bottoms include baseball pants, team shorts (team color) or team athletic pants (fleece pants or performance pants).  All coach’s attire (tops and bottoms) must match the team colors. A fine of $100 will be levied on each occurrence against teams violating this rule.   

Helmets - Helmets must provide full-ear protection. 

Time Limits - Time limits on games shall be strictly enforced for all NVTBL games.  No new inning can begin after 2:10 from the start of the game for 7-inning games.  These restrictions shall be changed on unlit fields when necessary to assure all scheduled games are completed before dark.  

Lightning Policy – Teams, spectators, and umpires should seek safe shelter when thunder is heard or lightning is seen.  Play must be stopped at the first sound of thunder or the first sight of lightning for a minimum of 30 minutes. A delay in game caused by thunder and/or lightning cannot extend the game beyond the 2 ½ hour game time

UNLESS there is no game scheduled behind you. If there is no game behind yours, the game can extend to a maximum time of 3 hours. 

Official Book – The home team shall keep the official book. 

Bat Size: 
o 13U and 14U - USA and USSSA bats approved.   
o JV, Varsity, and PSL teams must follow the BBCOR standards. o Any 13U or 14U teams playing “up” at the JV level or above, must follow the BBCOR standards. o All bats need to be BPF approved. 

Double headers shall be 7 innings for 13u and older teams.

Game Balls - Each team must provide 2 game balls at the start of each game & additional balls as needed.  Baseballs should be stamped with the NVTBL logo.   

DH/EH shall be in affect.   

Free defensive substitution shall be allowed for any player in the batting order.  Substitutes not in the batting order shall enter the game under NFHS substitution rules.   

Batting Order – When batting the entire order with no available substitutes, injured players removed from the line-up are replaced by any available substitutes.  The injured player is removed from the batting order with no penalty.  This rule is in effect even if the team drops below 9 players. 

Courtesy Runners - Courtesy Runners for the pitcher and catcher are allowed, regardless of the number of outs.  A courtesy runner shall be an eligible substitute per NFHS rules. If no official eligible substitutes are available, the last batted out may be used as a courtesy runner.  A starter who is eligible to reenter the game will be considered an eligible substitute for the purpose of determining a courtesy runner.  Under no circumstances shall the same player be allowed to run for both pitcher & catcher in the same inning. 

Balks - Balks will be called under NFHS rules. (Exception: during Fall season, 13U divisions and under – umpires shall give 1 warning per pitcher).   

Protests - No protests will be recognized.  All umpire decisions are final. 

Team Size - Teams may play games with fewer than 9 players if necessary.  If requested, the opponents may provide additional defensive players.   

Player Movement Policy - Travel team players should expect to be fully committed to their team for the duration of the season (i.e. Spring/Summer or Fall). Coaches are not permitted to recruit players during the season (i.e. Spring/Summer or Fall). Once the season has concluded, players are able to tryout for a different team. If a player requests a change in team during the season, they must obtain a release from the head coach. If the coach approves the release, he/she should email NVTBL with the player’s name and the reason for the release. If the coach does not approve the release, that player is not eligible to play for a new team for that season.

Player Ejection Policy – Player is suspended from participation in NVTBL for the next game. 

Parent Ejection Policy – Parent is suspended from participation in NVTBL for 8 calendar days from the date of ejection.  Ejected parent’s child is also suspended for 8 calendar days and may not participate in any NVTBL practices or games. 

Manager/Coach Ejection Policy:
1st occurrence - Manager/coach is suspended from participation in NVTBL for 8 calendar days from the date of ejection.

2nd occurrence – Manager/coach is suspended from participation in NVTBL for the remainder of the season and may not be allowed to participate in future seasons.   Federation (NFHS) rule for mound visits will be used.  Coaches or umpires cannot change this to MLB visits. NFHS allows for 3 visits per game. Pitchers must be removed on every visit after the third.