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COVID Compliance

COVID Compliance

The document below shows teams who have NOT been approved.  Teams must be done and approved by NVTBL staff by Friday 9/11 or we will be forced to cancel their scheduled games and practices.  Email Rob Hahne at RobH@nvtbl.org for approval.   Please do not reach out and send email until these 3 items occur:

1-  Rosters entered (min of 11 players)

2-  Every player on roster has registered in SE w/ waiver

3-  Every coach has filled out SE coaches COVID waiver


When you send the email, you must include:

-  Team name and age division

-  Competition level

-  Number of players listed on roster in sports engine 

-  Number of signed waivers in sports engine 

-  Number of coaches with signed waivers in sports engine 


Document below are teams who have not been approved..   

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