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A quick tutorial video on how to login, view your team page and add your roster. 

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Coaches--here's the link to the help button on SportsEngine for your use and to share with your parents, etc.

You can type in questions, look up how to videos or even contact/chat with a live person who can help.

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Coaches Corner

EOS Tournament Registration

Registration for the End of Season tournament is now OPEN for 8-12u teams. Each tournament will begin with POOL PLAY (2 games) on Sunday, June 2nd and then finish with BRACKET PLAY (single elimination) starting on Saturday, June 8th and completing on Sunday, June 9th. 


Coaches will need to login in using their coach's username and password to register teams for the tournament. DEADLINE to register is 4/22. 

EOS Tournament: 
- 3 game guarantee (6/2 - 6/9)
- FEE: $185, plus cash at the plate for umpires 
- HOSTS: If your team can host games either weekend, please reach out to Josh at Teams that host the semi & championship games and trophy presentation (on Sunday, June 9th) will receive $100 reimbursement. Teams will also receive $50 for every 2 BRACKET play games they host (4 games = $100, 8 games = $200). 

8-12u teams who DO NOT register for the tournament, the final Sunday of regular season games will be JUNE 2. 

NVTBL's updated time limits for 13u - 18u games.  

-  13u - 18u Weekday Games-  no new inning 1 hour and 50 minutes
-  13u - 18u Double-Headers-  no new inning 1 hour and 50 minutes
-  13u - 18u Weekend Single Games-  no new inning 2 hours and 10 minutes

A reminder that there is never a drop dead time limit for any NVTBL games.

MAC Umpire per game pricing has not changed from years past and pricing is the same per game for all of the above time limits.  NVTBL was able to keep pricing consistent from years past with these adjustments.  

SUMMER 2019 NVTBL Team registration is now OPEN

Click the left button on the top of this page to begin your team registration. 

Registration fees for 13U and older teams - $830 (INCLUDES three dozen baseballs for those coaches who attend the coaches meeting)

  • Summer 2019 NVTBL Team registration is OPEN. NOTE: If your 13U or 14U team is already registered for Spring, you do NOT need to register for Summer.
  • Registration fees for 13U and older teams - $830 (INCLUDES three dozen baseballs for those coaches who attend the coaches meeting) 
  • To start the registration process, click here
  • Late April/Early May - New Coaches Webinars - watch for more info
  • April 21 - Late fee begins, $125 additional
  • April 28 - Late fees increase to $225. 
  • April 28 - All field availability and team availability info must be entered in your team registration at 
  • May 1  Summer registration closes
  • May 29 - NVTBL Coaches Meeting for Summer Teams ONLY, 8 pm, location TBD
  • Spring Season (8U - 12U) - March 30 - June 9:Spring EOS Tournament - June 2 - 9 weekends.
  • Spring/Summer Season (13U - 14U) - March 30 - July 14 (teams can play until July 31st, but must use Game Request system after July 14th
  • Summer Season (JV - PSL) - June 1 - July 31

EXISTING TEAMS & GENERAL SEASON INFO - For additional information regarding the Registration Process Click here 
NOTE: All existing teams MUST have all prior season accounting cleared out before scheduling can be processed.

NVTBL's Age Determination Policy for 2019 - Click here

For further assistance regarding Spring 2019 Registration, contact Lisa Lombardozzi at or 571-765-1561.

Bat Update for 2019 (as of 11/20/18)

The current bat policy will remain in effect through Dec. 2019. 

13u - 14u 
NVTBL will allow USA, USSSA and BBCOR approved bats. NVTBL does recommend that 14u (8th grade) players begin the transition to BBCOR bats no later than the spring/summer of their 8th grade season.

8u - 12u
NVTBL will allow both USA and USSSA approved bats.  The survey responses were essentially split equally at 8u - 12u.  We have a large number of teams who participate in tournaments that allow USSSA bats.  Ultimately we wanted to allow our coaches the most flexibility to make decisions that they feel helps their individual players develop as baseball players.  8u - 12u coaches may still agree before the game to both use only USA bats if that is only what their players use.

2018 Fall EOS Champions

  • Fauquier Raiders 8u Champs
  • Blue Ridge Titans 9u Champs
  • VA Bombers 10u Silver Champs
  • Canes Maxwell 10u Gold Champs
  • Potomac Riverdogs Black 11u Silver Co-Champs
  • VA Cannons Blue 11u Silver Co-Champs
  • ATB Arsenal Blue 11u Gold Champs
  • Kidball White 12u Silver Champs
  • Shenandoah Sluggers Green 12u Gold Co-Champs
  • Chantilly Chargers 12u Gold Co-Champs
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Max Lawson and Mekhi Motilewa hit back-to-back home runs and combined for 4 RBI for the Riverdogs in a 7-5 win on 5/19. 



EDU Podcast- SEASON 2

NVTBL's EDU Podcast continues with a new season of episodes! Tune in each week for a new episode all winter long!

Premier Showcase League PSL

The Premier Showcase League (PSL) is a division of the Northern Virginia Travel Baseball League (NVTBL) 16u - 17u.  The PSL was created to provide elite level competition for high school players looking to play baseball at the next level.  We have developed a better system to support our local programs/teams while saving local families thousands of dollars in travel expenses.  Programs can put in a request to join this premier league within NVTBL.

Why PSL?

Are you tired of:
-  Traveling 100, 200, 300, 500+ miles to tournaments where you never see a College Coach
-  Spending thousands of dollars each season on gas, food, lodging, and more…
-  Dividing up your family on weekends as you and your child travel to another tournament
-  Playing weak teams locally
​-  Not having enough knowledge about the recruiting process until it is too late
-  Feeling like the program fees for your team are being wasted on excessive tournament fees
​-  Paying upwards of $50 for gate fees to watch your child play in a tournament

PSL Teams





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