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20 - 50% Off Wilson, DeMarini, Louisville, Evoshield, ATEC products


NVTBL has secured a deal with Wilson to provide NVTBL families and teams large discounts for all Wilson, DeMarini, Louisville, Evoshield, ATEC products through a custom website.  You will find huge discounts anywhere from 20 - 50% off a large variety of items.  

SPECIFICS FROM WILSON-  How to access website and receive discounts:

We have partnered with Wilson Sporting Goods and their brands (Wilson, Demarini, Louisville Slugger, Atec, & Evoshield) to allow our Northern Virginia Travel Baseball League members and partners to purchase decorated apparel and product gear from all of their brands. If you order a stock item (Evoshield apparel, bat, glove, bag, batting gloves, Evoshield protective gear, etc.) that will ship immediately.  It is important to note that you can order any stock gear item at any time throughout the year just by logging into your account.  The WTS hard goods store with non-custom products NEVER CLOSES.  The Wilson Team Shop is your 24/7 one-stop shop that allows you to order the top brands at incredible team discount pricing that is special for NVTBL members and partners.  Below are the quick steps to access our Wilson Team Shop: 


  1. Go to
  2. Fill out your information and enter access code ­­­___12EFAEE _________
  3. Open the email sent by and click on the link 
  4. Shop the best brands in baseball using your exclusive NVTBL discount

 Remember to keep your user/password information to log into www.wilsonteamshop account throughout the season to purchase all products.  Orders will deliver directly to your home and orders $50/more will receive free freight.

If you have any questions with registration, please locate the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page. The customer service team will be able to assist with any questions. This is our store for the holidays and beyond. Don’t miss your chance on a great opportunity for gifts this holiday season!

NVTBL Defensive Camp

NVTBL Elite Defensive Camp will be held on Sunday, November 24th. More info below:


  • Sunday, Nov 24th
  • CYA Fieldhouse in Chantilly
  • 12 - 2 pm (Ages 12u - 17u)
  • 2 - 4 pm (Ages 8u - 11u)
  • Infielders, Outfielders, Catchers
  • Players- $75 / Coaches- $15 (coaches may attend)


This camp sells out every year. We expect it to sell out in less than 2 weeks. Register at the link below:


The coaching staff will be led by our Pro Advisory Committee which is comprised of top HS Coaches, College Coaches and former Pro players. Click on the link below to see this amazing group of elite coaches. There is no other 1 day camp like this with the very best coaches and great ratios.


PRO Pitcher/Catcher Camp

 6th Annual NVTBL PRO Pitcher / Catcher Camp


  • Monday, December 23
  • 11 am - 12:50 pm-  Ages 8u - 11u
  • 1 pm - 2:50 pm-  Ages 12u - 17u
  • CYA FieldHouse (62,000 sq. ft. facility)
  • 14810 Murdock St., Chantilly, VA 20151
  • Cost: $75 players and $15 coaches
  • Add on: $25  Rapsodo pitching


LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE--This camp SOLD OUT in 2 weeks last year.


The coaching staff will be led by our Pro Advisory Committee which is comprised of top HS Coaches, College Coaches and former Pro players. Click on the link below to see this amazing group of elite coaches. There is no other 1 day camp like this with the very best coaches and great ratios.



NVTBL Team Workshops

NVTBL is offering a new Baseball Education based initiative for this off-season.  This initiave is for teams and it will be a game changer for your team and your players.  Ron Tugwell and Rob Hahne have been running similar workshops for teams we coached over the past 20 years.  They are very well received and one of the best things we have done.  NVTBL's Professional Advisory Committee comprised of Head HS Coaches, College Coaches and former Pro Players has decided to offer this to all NVTBL teams this fall/winter.  There are limited date offerings and each workshop allows only 2 teams to participate to keep the sessions small.



-  Academics

-  Social / Leadership / Life Lessons

-  Player Development Plan- getting 2% better each day

-  Mental Approach-  Hitting / Pitching / Defense

-  Playing w/ Confidence / Aggressive Approach

-  What it takes to play HS Baseball (ages 8u - 14u)

-  What it takes to play College Baseball (ages 15u - 18u)

-  Q and A

-  Handout Packets included for each player



You can register your entire team at the link below.  It is $50 per team which comes out to be less than $2 pp when you include parents and coaches.  That basically covers our cost to run the event with handouts included.  We will take 2 teams for each Workshop offered.  Each workshop runs 75 - 90 minutes.  Players, coaches and parents should bring something to write with and write on. 


2019 Fall EOS Champions

  • Stars Wunder 8u Champs
  • Loudoun Aces 9u Silver Champs
  • ATB Arsenal Blue 9u Gold Champs
  • Pioneer Legends 10u Silver Champs
  • ATB Arsenal Blue 10u Gold Champs
  • Sterling Xplosion 11u Silver Champs
  • Mt. Vernon Patriots 11u Gold Champs
  • Stars Newell 12u Silver Champs
  • ATB Arsenal Blue 12u Gold Champs
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Coaches Corner

Background Checks

Starting Fall 2019, all Head and Asst. coaches along with others who come into contact with players must have a background check that was run no earlier than November 15th, 2018.  These has to be done by September 1, 2019.  This has been mandatory for Fairfax County coaches and will now be mandatory for all NVTBL coaches and administrators.  A federal law is in the pipeline and we want to make sure that everyone is compliant.  

NVTBL has secured an arrangement with USA Baseball to provide a low cost option for background checks (only $6).  If you have already done a background check after 11/15/18 and can provide the documentation, that will suffice.  We will be sending out the USA Baseball background check option and also follow-up with additional specifics. NVTBL wants to notify everyone now so that you can start to prepare a plan within your organizations and teams.  

NVTBL's updated time limits for 13u - 18u games.  

-  13u - 18u Weekday Games-  no new inning 1 hour and 50 minutes
-  13u - 18u Double-Headers-  no new inning 1 hour and 50 minutes
-  13u - 18u Weekend Single Games-  no new inning 2 hours and 10 minutes

A reminder that there is never a drop dead time limit for any NVTBL games.

MAC Umpire per game pricing has not changed from years past and pricing is the same per game for all of the above time limits.  NVTBL was able to keep pricing consistent from years past with these adjustments.  

SportsEngine Tutorial

A quick tutorial video on how to login, view your team page and add your roster. 

SportsEngine Help Link

Coaches--here's the link to the help button on SportsEngine for your use and to share with your parents, etc.

You can type in questions, look up how to videos or even contact/chat with a live person who can help.


Jared Smith and Justin Rebok allowed just two hits over six innings to help lead the Diamond Elite to the PSL title with a 3-1 win on 7/24. 



EDU Podcast- SEASON 2

NVTBL's EDU Podcast continues with a new season of episodes! Tune in each week for a new episode all winter long!

Premier Showcase League PSL

The Premier Showcase League (PSL) is a division of the Northern Virginia Travel Baseball League (NVTBL) 16u - 17u.  The PSL was created to provide elite level competition for high school players looking to play baseball at the next level.  We have developed a better system to support our local programs/teams while saving local families thousands of dollars in travel expenses.  Programs can put in a request to join this premier league within NVTBL.

Why PSL?

Are you tired of:
-  Traveling 100, 200, 300, 500+ miles to tournaments where you never see a College Coach
-  Spending thousands of dollars each season on gas, food, lodging, and more…
-  Dividing up your family on weekends as you and your child travel to another tournament
-  Playing weak teams locally
​-  Not having enough knowledge about the recruiting process until it is too late
-  Feeling like the program fees for your team are being wasted on excessive tournament fees
​-  Paying upwards of $50 for gate fees to watch your child play in a tournament

PSL Teams





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