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Baseball Education


The EDU section was built to educate, collaborate and share information and content with baseball players, coaches and parents in the Washington D.C. metro area.  The articles and information found on this site does not necessarily reflect the beliefs or teachings of NVTBL.  This is simply information that has been compiled to create thought provoking content.  You will find an extensive collection of instructional based content throughout this website.

PRO Advisory Committee

We have put together some of the top coaches and instructors in our entire region to form an NVTBL EDU Professional Advisory Committee (PAC).  This committee will help us educate coaches, players and families on everything baseball.  

Ron Tugwell-  West Springfield HS Head Coach (retired)

Dan Griel-  Lake Braddock HS Head Coach (retired)

Eric Crozier-  Former MLB Player, Potomac School Head Coach

Eddie Kim-  Former Pro Player (Athletics org), Founder of NOVA Premier

Shawn Camp-  Pitching Coach for GMU, Former MLB Pitcher (Cubs, Blue Jays, Phillies)

Mike Colangelo-  Former MLB Outfielder (Padres, Angels, A's), Colgan HS Head Coach

Carson Carroll-  Former Pro Player (Twins, Yankees orgs)

Jason Troilo-  Former Pro Player (Yankees org)

Seth Blee-  PT for Washington Nationals

Scott Rowland-  Centreville HS Head Coach

"Pudge" Gjormand-  Madison HS Head Coach

Sam Plank-  Riverside HS Head Coach

Billy Emerson-  Paul VI Head Coach

Kevin Ford-  Chantilly HS Head Coach

Andy Bradley-  Founder of Bradley Baseball Academia

Justin Janis-  Oakton HS Head Coach

Mark Wrighte-  Freedom SR HS Head Coach

Aaron Tarr-  Georgetown Asst. Coach

John Dowling-  McLean HS Head Coach

Mike Gallagher-  South County HS Coach, co-founder of Metro Baseball Academy

Nick Sussman-  Washington Nationals Youth Academy

Dan Ritz-  Director- SYA Mets, Asst. Coach- WHS

Rob Hahne (Chair)-  Westfield HS Head Coach

EDU Media

Pitching & injury prevention. Webinar begins at 34 min mark. 

EDU Articles

Other EDU Resources

1-   Baseball is America's Pastime
2-  The sound of a wood bat striking a ball
3-  The unique and glorious smell of freshly cut grass at the ballpark
4-  Hot dogs, apple pie and Baseball
5-  Nothing is more beautiful than a perfectly groomed ball field
6-  You can take your kids to the game without worrying about adults behaving badly
7-  Baseball builds character unlike any other sport.  Ask Michael Jordan
8-  You are allowed to use your hands
9-  Statistics
10-  There is no clock.  Just sit back and take it all in.
11-  Spring Training
12-  You are likely to see something new each time you attend a ballgame
13-  The game within a game (strategy that only true baseball minds can see)
14-  Baseball is played daily
15-  Baseball has amazing history
16-  Anyone can play.  There is a position for everyone.
17-  Accountability-  everyone sees an individuals mistake.  There is no hiding.
18-  An ice cold beverage at a ballgame in the summer time.
19-  Farm systems
20-  Family experiences at the ballpark
21-  There are no ties in baseball
22-  The only good professional all star game
23-  You can have a catch at just about any age
24-  The smell and feel of the perfect leather glove
25-  Baseball is a wonderful game to take in on the radio