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SportsEngine HELP


  • Should coaches enter rosters in NVTBLBaseball.org?

    Yes, you must enter all of your players on your roster in SE.  You can do this under Manage Team on your team page (see video above).

  • Where will coaches score games?

Coaches will continue to score games using their coach login at NVTBL.org.  Those scores will automatically be updated to SE for all to see.

  • Can I use the SE website as my team/organizations website or webpage?

    Yes, you have creative rights to edit/manage your individual team page on our new site for FREE. 

  • Do coaches control the permissions of your individual team webpage?

    Yes, you control who can see/do what on your individual team page.

  • Adding players to your roster will not complete each player's individual registration. Parents will need to register their child separately after players are added to the roster.  


  • How do parents join Sports Engine?

    You can create an account by going to NVTBLBaseball.org, selecting Login then create an account or you will receive an email invitation from your coach when he enters you on the roster. You will need to follow the instructions and become a member of Sports Engine and your team.

  • Where will parents, coaches, families view the schedule?

    You can view the schedule for your team on your team page at NVTBLBaseball.org.

  • If I am already a member of Sports Engine for another league/team can I use the same account?

    Yes, you will simply login with that information and accept the invite to your NVTBL team.


  • Team Communication

    Coaches can send last minute texts/e-mails through their team website

  • Tracking

    Coaches can track what players will be attending what events through the new website.

  • Team Web Page

    Coaches can use this as their team’s web page at no cost.

  • Sports Engine APP

     Download on Google Play or App Store

  • Fundraising

    You can use SE to create a Rally Me fundraising campaign.

  • Help Center

    The Sports Engine Help Center can answer any questions you may have - http://help.sportsengine.com