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Travel Costs-  Historical

A huge portion of expenses that families incur in the College Recruiting process is travel.  You will see some of the hidden costs to all of this travel for a family below.  

Travel expenses have gotten out of control and the PSL has a plan to fix that.   Less travel will reduce the costs that you see below significantly.  Competitive local games.  

Historical Costs-  DAILY

Lodging (per night)-  $130 
Meals (per day)-  $25 pp
Gas-  $100 per weekend

Historical Cost Season

2 - 3 Day Weekend Tournaments (5)
​4 - 5 Day Tournaments (2)

Hotel- 17 nights x $130 per=$2,210
​Meals-  17 days x 2.5 people x $25 pp=  $1,062.50
Gas-  6 tourneys x $150= $800
Incidentals-  $600 per season
Airfare/Rental Car=  ?

Total Costs for Travel

TOTAL=  $4,672.50 
The PSL will help high level local teams/programs supplement their travel schedules with competitive local games on weekdays (occasional weekends).