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The Greatest Game

1-   Baseball is America's Pastime
2-  The sound of a wood bat striking a ball
3-  The unique and glorious smell of freshly cut grass at the ballpark
4-  Hot dogs, apple pie and Baseball
5-  Nothing is more beautiful than a perfectly groomed ball field
6-  You can take your kids to the game without worrying about adults behaving badly
7-  Baseball builds character unlike any other sport.  Ask Michael Jordan
8-  You are allowed to use your hands
9-  Statistics
10-  There is no clock.  Just sit back and take it all in.
11-  Spring Training
12-  You are likely to see something new each time you attend a ballgame
13-  The game within a game (strategy that only true baseball minds can see)
14-  Baseball is played daily
15-  Baseball has amazing history
16-  Anyone can play.  There is a position for everyone.
17-  Accountability-  everyone sees an individuals mistake.  There is no hiding.
18-  An ice cold beverage at a ballgame in the summer time.
19-  Farm systems
20-  Family experiences at the ballpark
21-  There are no ties in baseball
22-  The only good professional all star game
23-  You can have a catch at just about any age
24-  The smell and feel of the perfect leather glove
25-  Baseball is a wonderful game to take in on the radio