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NVTBL Age Policy

NVTBL uses a variation of the USA Baseball recommendation. In NVTBL, some teams are organized for tournament play or around a specific house league (and therefore must follow the age determination rules established by AAU, USSSA, their house league’s governing organization, etc.) while others are organized around their school and therefore desire to group their players by class year. 

It has always been NVTBL’s policy to provide managers with the greatest flexibility possible in assembling their rosters, while recognizing that appropriate age limits need to be observed.  For 8U – 12U teams, players must adhere to the league age for their team.  For 13U and 14U teams, up to 40% of your players can be one league age older. For example, a 13U team of twelve team members could have four players league age 14. However, if the team played in an age restricted tournament, all players would have to adhere to the age restriction. Additionally, if facts and circumstances warrant, NVTBL, in its discretion, may grant a waiver of the age and grade limitations for one or more players. For post season NVTBL tournament play, all team members MUST be the correct age level for that tournament. No waivers are in effect for post-season tournament play.

NOTE: A player is always eligible to play in a higher Age Division than one for which he qualifies by age and/or grade. For example, a player whose age and grade qualifies him for the JV Division is nevertheless eligible for the Varsity Division.

The Spring/Summer 2018 NVTBL Age Divisions shall be as follows:

**For Fall 2018 – players will use birth date as of April 30, 2019.




Must be specified age or
younger on April 30, 2019

OR Must be at or below the specified grade level in Spring
2019 and no older than specified age on April 30, 2019

8U 8   n/a
9U 9   n/a
10U 10   n/a
11U 11   n/a
12U 12   n/a
13U* 13 or 7th Grade
14U* 14 or 8th Grade
JV 16 or 10th Grade and 17 or younger
Varsity 18 or 12th Grade and 19 or younger

Waivers of Age and Grade Level Restrictions: NVTBL may grant a waiver to allow a player to play in an Age Division for which he does not otherwise qualify, provided that the facts and circumstances warrant the granting of a waiver, in NVTBL’s sole and absolute discretion. The team manager of the player seeking the waiver must contact NVTBL’s League Administrator to apply for the waiver and to discuss the facts and circumstances surrounding the application for the waiver.

Age Determination Changes: Little League has revised its age determination policy. At this time, NVTBL will not be changing our age policy until national tournament organizations (such as USSSA, AAU, Perfect Game, etc.) adjust their age determination policies.