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Roster Policy

Each NVTBL team must enter a complete roster naming every player on the team. 

Rosters are required from each team because: 
• The Fairfax County Community and Recreation Services (CRS) field allocation policy requires all leagues to submit participant rosters for all registered players in the program.  These rosters are used to determine the amount of field space each league is allocated.
• Our insurance carrier requires that each insured team keep an accurate rosters.  Players not on the roster are not covered by insurance. 

To enter your team roster or to make changes to your roster: 
1. Log into the NVTBL website using the manager ID & password.
2. Click on the “TEAM ADMINISTRATION” tab.
3. Select “TEAM ROSTER” from the drop-down menu. 
4. To delete a player, erase first & last  name & save.
5. To add a player, enter player info at bottom of the roster & save.  

6. After saving, your roster will be in alphabetical order. 

Player Movement Policy - Travel team players should expect to be fully committed to their team for the duration of the season (i.e. Spring/Summer or Fall). Coaches are not permitted to recruit players during the season (i.e. Spring/Summer or Fall). Once the season has concluded, players are able to tryout for a different team. If a player requests a change in team during the season, they must obtain a release from the head coach. If the coach approves the release, he/she should email NVTBL with the player’s name and the reason for the release. If the coach does not approve the release, that player is not eligible to play for a new team for that season.