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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I enter my game scores?
  • Log into the NVTBL website (www.nvtbl.org) using your team manager login ID and password.
  • Your team name will show in the box labeled Team Schedules For X Season. Click on View Team Schedule button.
  • Your team schedule will show the following: Date/Game/Time/Location/Opponent/Activity/Status/Umpires/Your Score/Opp. Score. Umpires should = "Yes". If not, enter a GENERAL REQUEST to let us know. Status for unplayed games = "Scheduled".
  • Click on Enter Score button. Enter game status; enter score. Save.
Can I Play NON-LEAGUE games and be covered under NVTBL Insurance?
  • Yes. However, if the tournament you are playing in requires an Insurance Certificate, you will need to request one.  A week's notice is required to have one issued for your team.
  • A copy of the Insurance policy can be found on the HANDOUTS/Insurance section of the NVTBL website. HANDOUTS
Are members of the NVTBL Board paid a salary?
  • No; our bylaws specifically do not allow for the Board of Directors to be paid.
  • NVTBL does have paid staff who are involved in running the day-to-day operations of the League.
Is NVTBL a NOT FOR PROFIT 501(c)(3) Organization?
  • YES, The 501(c)(3) documentation can be found in the HANDOUTS/Corporate Documents section of the NVTBL website. HANDOUTS
  • Teams can use the non-profit status that NVTBL has to fund-raise for their needs (umpire costs, tournament costs, uniforms, equipment, etc.). Check should be written payable to "NVTBL" and in the memo line, the team name should be written. Donors will receive a letter showing their donation amount to your team for tax purposes. The donations are posted to your team accounting page.
What are Scheduling Preference and How & Where do I enter Them?
Scheduling Preferences are used by teams to communicate their preferences for scheduling purposes to the NVTBL League schedulers. NOTE: NVTBL makes NO guarantee that your preferences will be met. Preferences are just that: a "preference".

Examples of Scheduling Preferences are:

  • Week Night Games - Prefer 5:30pm games over 8:00pm
  • Weekend Schedule - Prefer Saturday over Sunday.
  • Prefer these fields for Games - List fields you prefer -- and why!
  • Games Per Week - Prefer no more than X number of games per week
  • Level of Play - A, B or C
  • Other - Any other information that will assist the schedulers.
  • To enter Scheduling Preferences: Login under the manager Login ID. Go to "TEAM ADMINISTRATION" menu then select "TEAM AVAILABILITY".
What kind of baseballs are teams to use for games?
  • All teams MUST use NVTBL stamped baseballs.
  • NVTBL Logo games balls are available at Sports Plus (4429 Brookfield Corporate Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151)
  • Phone Number - 703-222-8255
  • $42 per dozen (discounted price)
  • Can be shipped for roughly $15 per case (10 dozen)
  • NFHS approved baseball (high school)
  • Double Core Cushioned Center
  • High School grade leather cover
  • NVTBL logo stamp
  • Each team is required to provide 2 game balls at the start of each game. After the initial 2 balls, each team must provide an equal number of game balls for each game.
  • NVTBL Stamped Baseball Specifications
What do I do in case of rain?

When you need to cancel a game, please follow the instructions below -

******NOTE: We are using multiple umpire associations, so you will need to view your schedule to see which association you need to contact to cancel your game. Call the Individual or Association listed beside your game.*****

Weather-Related Cancellations

  • Check the field to confirm it is unplayable. Contact your opponent to let them know. Check your schedule to see which umpire is listed for your game and call the umpire listed for your game (will either be an individual listed or an association) and cancel the game. NOTE: Games canceled more than 3 hours in advance - no charge. Games canceled less than 3 hours - charge is ½ game fee. NOTE: If the umpire has not left for the game and can be reached, there is no charge.

    Not enough players, date change, time change, etc.

  • If it is 24 hours or less from your game time, you need to call the umpire listed for your game. You will be responsible for game fees.
  • If it is more than 24 hours from your game time but less than 2 weeks from your game, contact your NVTBL scheduler and see if we can find a team to take your place. NOTE: You will be responsible for game fees if we cannot find someone.
  • Inclement weather info for fields is posted on the NVTBL website. Some fields do not have an inclement weather number. FIELDS
  • Call the number for the field to see if the is open or closed. If there is no number or the field info is not updated on the weekend, go to the field and view the conditions. Decide if it is playable or not.
  • Call your opposing coach.
  • If the field is not playable, call the umpires as early as you can to cancel your game. Do not send an email!
  • The telephone numbers for the umpires are listed next to your game under the SCHEDULES tab on the website.
  • Update the website. Click on 'Schedules' button & bring up your team's schedule.
  • If the field is "open" but the field is not playable, don't play!
  • Do not call the umpires to ask whether your field is open -- they do not check field conditions.
  • Fields are allocated to us by different jurisdictions and our field allocation depends upon our treating these fields with respect.
  • Damaging a field is a good way to get kicked off the field. Do not play on the field if the field is unplayable.
Why do I have to post game results to the NVTBL website?
  • Entering game results changes the game status from 'scheduled' to 'played', thus triggering the deduction of umpire fees from your team's account. Rainouts, cancellations and incomplete games are considered 'game results' and must also be recorded .
  • NVTBL uses this information to reconcile your team's account with the invoice we receive from the umpires.
Why do I have to pay umpires' fees for games that get rained out?
  • NVTBL is charged umpires fees for all scheduled games by the umpires' organizations.
  • NVTBL does not charge teams for games cancelled 3 or more hours before the scheduled start time of a game as the umpires' organizations have time to contact the umpires before they arrive at the game site.
  • NVTBL charges 1/2 the game fee if a game is cancelled within the 3 hour window as the umpires may have departed for or are already at the game site.
  • Full umpire fees are due if the umpires call the game at the field due to rain.
How many hours before a scheduled game do I have to contact umpires without being charged?
  • If a game is cancelled due to weather 3 or more hours before the scheduled game time, no umpire fees are charged.
  • One-half of the game fee is charged if the time is less than 3 hours.
  • Refer to the current season's Umpire Fees and Charges posted on the HANDOUTS/League Policies & Procedures section of the NVTBL website HANDOUTS for charges/fees your team will incur for cancelling a game for NON-WEATHER reasons
If the weather is bad, how do I find out if a field is playable?
  • Inclement weather info for each field is posted on the NVTBL website FIELDS
  • If you are still unsure, call some of the numbers for other fields to see whether other jurisdictions have closed their fields.
  • One of the coaches may have to drive to the field in order to decide whether the field is playable. If the fields are "open" but the field is not playable, don't play!
  • Fields are allocated to us by the different jurisdictions and our field allocation depends upon our treating these fields with respect.
  • Do not call the umpires to ask whether your field is open -- they do not check field conditions.
How do I contact umpires?
  • Contact information for the umpires is located on the NVTBL website WEATHER HOTLINES
Who can wear metal cleats?
  • Metal cleats can be worn by 13U and older teams. Metal cleats are PROHIBITED for 8U - 12U teams. Please remember that turf fields do not allow spikes to be worn.  RULES
How do I cancel a game for reasons other than Inclement Weather or Field Conditions.
You need to find a team take your place! You will need to work hard to find a replacement team by doing all of the following:
  • Call your opponent;
  • Call other teams in your age group;
  • Call your age group scheduler;
  • Call teams a year older or a year younger than your age group; and
  • Call other age group schedulers.
  • If you find a replacement team, you will not be charged for cancellng the game. However, if you do not find a replacement team, your team will be charged for canceling a scheduled game for reasons other than weather or field conditions. Refer to the current season's Umpire Fees and Charges posted on the HANDOUTS/League Policies & Procedures section of the NVTBL website HANDOUTS .
What if I need to cancel a game less than 48 hours from its scheduled start time?
  • Call your opponent and make you sure you tell him directly. NO EMAIL, NO VOICE MESSAGES are acceptable. You must speak directly with your opponent.
  • Call the umpires organization and inform them.
  • Call the on call staff for NVTBL or your age group scheduler.
  • You may also call the NVTBL League office and inform us.
  • You may be charged for cancelling the game. Refer to the current season's Umpire Fees and Charges posted on the HANDOUTS/League Policies & Procedures section of the NVTBL website HANDOUTS .
How do I get into my team website?
  • Log into the NVTBL website using the manager login ID and password you created when you registered your team.
  • You now see your team's accounting page. Make sure that you check the accounting pages (you can also access an accounting detail report).
  • Contact the NVTBL administrator if you notice discrepancies.
  • You can pay registration and umpires fees by clicking on the 'Pay Registration Fee' or 'Pay Game Fees' buttons.
  • By selecting the 'Team Administration' menu, you can select one of the following:
  •       a. Edit Roster -- change address, telephone numbers, email addresses for players and parents.
  •       b. Edit Team Info -- change login ID and password; update phone numbers & email addresses for the team contacts. Keep these current!
  •       c. Add team activities -- you can use the 'Activities' button to add team events (practices, tournament, etc.).
  •       d. Add news items -- use the 'News Items' button to add team news or information.
  • When your players/parents log in using the separate Player/parent ID and password you assigned at registration, they see the team accounting page. They cannot make payments. By scrolling down, they will also see any news items you have added.
What do I do if I want to schedule more games?
  • Contact other teams in your age group to see if they would like to play your team.
  • Check the website under field schedules to identify open fields slots at a field you would like to use. SCHEDULES
  • Contact your age-group scheduler. Look under the 'Contact Us' button on the NVTBL website. CONTACT US
  • Adding games is easy for us to do and we encourage you use this option when needed.
  • You may put a request in the game request system.
  • We need at least 7 days notice to get umpires scheduled.
What must I do in advance of each scheduled game?
  • Check your game schedule on the NVTBL website to make sure no changes have been made to the game, opponent, field or time. SCHEDULES
  • Call your opposing coach two days in advance of each scheduled game
  • Confirm the date, location and time of the upcoming game.
  • Agree on which of you will check the field to make sure that it is playable, how will you take care of the field, etc.
  • Make sure that you have each other's cell phone numbers.
What do I do if I find an accounting problem?
Contact the NVTBL Accounting Administrator. Look at the 'Contact Us' page for names and contact information. CONTACT US
How do I schedule a team practice?
  • NVTBL only schedules practices for Fairfax County based teams.
  • Go to the HANDOUTS section of the website.
  • Choose - League Policies, Procedures, and Rules
  • Choose - Web Based Practice Request Procedure:
  • You can schedule 1 practice per week in advance; extra practices can be scheduled within 7 days.
  • As games take priority over practices, your practice may be cancelled if the field is needed for a game. Check the website!
  • Fairfax County teams -- do NOT apply for a separate field permit for your team.
My team wants to play in a tournament. How do I locate one?
Go to the NVTBL website and click on the 'Tournaments' menu TOURNAMENTS
My team is on CREDIT HOLD or LOCKED OUT from the website. What does this mean?
NVTBL will place your team on 'credit hold' and lock out the team managers, parents, and players from the website when your team's umpire balance is insufficient to pay the fees needed for your remaining games.
  • Your team will not be able to access your team's website, and your games will be suspended or cancelled until we receive payment.
  • Each team is responsible for reviewing its team accounting and for submitting additional payment when necessary.
  • The LOCK OUT feature is sometimes used by NVTBL staff for other reasons. If you encounter this situation, contact the League Administrator immediately.
If I don't play all of the games for which I have paid umpires' fees, do I get a refund?
  • If you have a balance of umpires' fees at the end of the season, you can request a refund check or you can have the outstanding balance applied to the next season's umpires' fees.
  • The League is designed so that most teams will be owed a refund at the end of the season.
  • All refunds are issued 30 days after the conclusion of each season and only after the final umpire bill is reconciled by the staff to assure all teams are billed for charges incurred.
My team already has insurance. Why do I need NVTBL insurance?
For 8U - 12U teams, NVTBL insurance can be purchased separately. This allows for any league insurance to be used if that is an option for your team through an affiliated league such as Little League, etc. For 13U - 18U teams, insurance is a part of the registration fee. NVTBL wants to be absolutely certain that each player is covered by insurance, so we purchase insurance for every player on every roster, whether or not you have your own team insurance.
  • A player on your team is NOT covered unless his name is on the team roster you entered into the NVTBL database. Your team roster must be entered before the start of the current season's games.
  • If you add players during the season, you MUST add them to your roster to ensure that they are covered by our insurance. Go to ROSTER and add the player at the end of your roster.
  • NVTBL insurance covers all team baseball activities (scheduled through the NVTBL website), including practices, games & tournaments.
  • All NON-LEAGUE play where insurance is needed requires you obtain a certificate of Insurance.
  • Contact the NVTBL League Administrator at least a week before the tournament if you need an insurance certificate for a tournament.
Does my team have to pay the Fairfax County field use fee if we aren't a Fairfax County team?
Yes. NVTBL must pay the county use fee for every player who plays on Fairfax County fields, whether or not they live in Fairfax County.
When is a game considered an "official game."
A game is considered a regulation game -- also known as an "official game" -- once the visiting team has played five innings and the home team is leading, or once the home team has made 15 outs regardless of score. So, in this case it would be complete with score at the end of 5 innings.  Also, you can’t score an incomplete game for NVTBL because we never resume games (unless championship game).