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Frequently Asked Questions As You Consider Colleges 

How good is the department in my major? How many students are in the department? What credentials do faculty members hold? What are graduates of the program doing after school? 

What percentage of players on scholarship graduate?
The response will suggest the school's commitment to academics. You might want to ask two follow-up questions:
1. What percentage of incoming students eventually graduate?
2. What is the current team's grade-point average? 

What academic support programs are available to student-athletes? Look for a college that will help you become a better student. 

If I have a diagnosed and documented disability, what kind of academic services are available? Special academic services may help you achieve your academic goals. 

How many credit hours should I take in season and out of season?
It is important to determine how many credit hours are required for your degree and what pace you will follow to obtain that degree. 

Are there restrictions in scheduling classes around practice? NCAA rules prevent you from missing class for practice. 

Is summer school available? If I need to take summer school, will it be paid for by the college? You may need to take summer school to meet academic and/or graduation requirements. 

College Life 
What is a typical day for a student-athlete?
The answer will give you a good idea of how much time is spent in class, practice, study and travel. It also will give you a good indication of what coaches expect. 

What are the residence halls like?
The response should give you a hint of how comfortable you would be in your room, study areas, community bathrooms and at the laundry facilities. Also ask about the number of students in a room, co- ed dorms and the rules governing life in the residence halls.

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