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2020 Labor Day Kyles Kamp Tournament

NVTBL Tourney w/ Kyle's Kamp as partner

    - 3 game guarantee
    - September 4 - 7
    - Ages 8u - 18u
    - Each team receives 1 dozen NVTBL baseballs
    - Cost-  $295 plus umpire fees + processing fee (umpire fees will be
    discounted from normal rates)
    - NVTBL will collect all fees and run the tournament.
    - We will set up fundraising pages for teams like a normal KK Tourney with
    Children's National.
    - Metal bats

    Link to register: https://nvtbl.sportngin.com/register/form/315929622


  • Social distancing fans-  all fans must remain 10’ away from anyone that is not their immediate family or household.  If fans refuse to social distance then the game will stop.  Only family members of coaches, players and umpires are allowed at events in Phase 2.
  • Social distancing team-  players and coaches will remain 10’ a part while in the dugout areas and at all times unless it is during the game on the field. The dugout area most likely will need to be extended (behind a fence)
  • Screening-  parents, players, coaches and family members must take their temperature and screen themselves before leaving their house for any practices, games or team events. 
  • Screening Form-  players, coaches, staff and umpires must fill out and sign the COVID screening form prior to every team function (games, workouts, practices) and turn them into to the COVID coach.  The COVID coach keep all forms 100% private and protect the information.  They may transfer results to a spreadsheet and destroy all forms.  Need documentation of who is present at each event.
  • Illness / Symptoms-  parents and players must remain home if they have any illness or symptoms of COVID-19
  • Baseballs- each team will supply their own baseballs from the dugout while their team is in the field
    • 2 buckets-  Clean and Dirty for game baseballs
    • Baseballs wiped down before they are thrown back into play
  • Sanitizer-players will bring their own hand sanitizer to events and apply it every inning / coaches
  • After outs- the ball will go immediately back to the pitcher (no throwing it around)
  • No sharing team equipment-  helmets, gloves (bats can be shared if wiped down after each use)
  • No shared team cooler or drinks.  Everyone must bring their own.
  • Contact-  No hand shakes, high fives, fist bumps, hugs, spitting, sunflower seeds…
  • Meetings-  No team meetings where everyone isn’t at least 10’ apart.
  • Conference-  Home plate conference and other meetings- everyone must stay 10’ apart 
  • Equipment spacing-  Equipment should be spaced out 10’ apart behind the dugout or elsewhere
  • Dugout Extended-  Players should be spaced out as they enter/exit the dugout area (stay 10’ apart)
  • Line-ups-exchanged electronically
  • Umpires-  umpires will remain 10’ away from players (behind P or further behind C)
  • Masks-  (UPDATED 7/1/20) are encouraged in the dugout areas for coaches and players.  Masks are mandatory in dugout areas when social distancing cannot be followed.
  • Reporting-  the COVID Coach/Parent must report any COVID positive player or spectator to their coach, opposing teams and NVTBL within 12 hours of finding out (do not ever share specific names)
  • COVID Coach-  each team must have an extra parent or coach who is in charge of only COVID 
    • Social distancing / Hand sanitizer / Equipment / Seeds / Spitting / Wipes
    • Collect screening documents (do not share w/ anyone else / keep private)
    • Mark off all social distancing in dugouts and assist for spectators as well
    • All COVID related items…


  • Tent/Tarp-  Parents are encouraged to bring a tent or tarp to provide shade for the players in the dugout extended area
  • Chairs-  We encourage players to bring their own chairs for dugout extended areas to help with social distancing.  They can keep their equipment with their chair.
  • Markings-  mark spacing where players can put bags and spectators can sit with tape on the fence or bench or item like orange/yellow ribbon. 10'