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Info on 2017 seminar:

Joe Graziano from Headfirst Companies moderated a discussion with college coaches Bobby Picardo (Catholic University), Pat Pinkman (Seton Hall University) and Stan Exeter (Ursinus College).

Topics included how the recruiting process differs between Division I and Division III programs and the importance of academics at their schools as well as what they like to see from potential recruits.  

Exeter: “The process has sped up since I started coaching in 1997, but we will start to ramp it up around your junior year and when you head into your senior year, that is when we will focus on you and get you to campus. It’s fantastic to have as much academic information on you as possible because that helps us with admissions and getting academic scholarships.”

Pinkman: “We are in a unique situation at Seton Hall where we are not pressured to recruit against schools like Pittsburgh and UVA, but we are also in an academic scenario where we don’t have to wait like an Ivy League school does. We can wait to get a kid a little bit later that has sprung late and has strong academics. Another reason why we might wait is because we may get an ACC or SEC caliber player in a 2018 recruiting class because the decision is coming earlier and more kids are decommiting because they didn’t find the right fit. Up until the fall of your senior year when you sign your letter of intent, we can withdraw our offer or you can decommit us so that is when the rubber hits road.”

Picardo: “What really speaks to us are guys that do research on our school and want to get in front of us. We want to see potential recruits show interest in our school. Finding and seeing good players is easy, it’s finding good players that want the challenge of going to a high academic institution in Washington, D.C.”