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EOS Tourney Rules

Spring 2019 EOS Tournament for 8-12u

Pool Play (2 games) - JUNE 2

Bracket Play (single elimination) - JUNE 8-9

$185 - 3 game guarantee

Umpire fee - cash at the plate

Teams must provide their own baseballs. 

EOS Tournament Registration link -



Tournament Information

  • Have cell phones available. Please make sure your cell phone numbers are correct on the website or communicate them to your opponent in advance. You will need them in the event of poor weather.  
  • Winning team fills out online score report form as soon as the game ends. Please follow this link to post scores:
  • If you are unable to post the score, please email the following info –
    • Team Name & Age
    • Field
    • Time of Game
    • Score
    • Number of Innings played
  • Tournament information and schedules are available online –  under Coach and then EOS Schedule.

Tournament Contacts:

  • Tournament Director-  Josh Belanger: OR (571) 639-8911
  • Tournament Back-up  Jenni Aiello (571) 639-8912 or Rob Hahne (703) 499-4905  
  • Umpire Notification – view your team schedules for the name of your umpire for pool play.
  • In case of rain, teams should monitor the fields.  It is up to each team to decide whether the field is playable or not.  If the field is not playable and the game must be canceled, BOTH teams should report cancellation to the Umpire.  You should report the date, time, and field location of the game and that you are an NVTBL team.

Pre-Game Procedures:

  • The game times set need to be followed as closely as possible due to daylight issues at many of our fields.  Game times can’t be moved back for IF/OF.
  • Coin toss to decide home/away for all pool play.
  • Highest seed is home team for all bracket play games.
  • Field prep & plate conference 10 min prior to start of game.
  • If batting cages are available at the field, split the available time fairly.
  • Game Balls – Each team will provide an equal number of game balls.


Playoff rules (Following Regular Season Rules, except these changes)

With the end-of-season playoffs, the following will be the additional rules. Except where noted below, the regular season rules still apply. This includes age-specific mercy rules.

10u Gold - Playing with 46-65' rules. 


  • All Ages: A player removed from the pitching position (starting pitcher or subsequent relief pitcher) may not return to the pitching position for the remainder of the game.
  • All teams must present pitching affidavit at plate conference.  You must get it signed by the opposing manage/scorekeeper after each game. 

9U - 12U Pitching Restrictions:

  • 9U – 12U - a player may legally pitch a maximum of six (6) innings for Sunday, June 2nd and then another 6 total innings on the weekend of June 8-9th.  Pitching re-sets after pool play games on 6/2.
  • Pitchers may not pitch more than 75 pitches on any day for 9u – 12u.  You may finish the batter if you start at 74 pitches or less.
  • One (1) batter equals one-third (1/3) of an inning, two (2) batters equals two-thirds (2/3) of an inning and more than three (3) batters equals one (1) full inning regardless of the number of outs recorded. 

8U Pitching Restrictions:

  • For the playoffs, pitchers will not be allowed more than 50 pitches per day or 80 pitches over the two-day tournament weekend for bracket play (6/8-9).  This excludes warm-ups. If a pitcher reaches his 50 pitch limit while pitching to a batter, he is allowed to finish pitching to that batter, even if his pitch count exceeds 50. The pitcher should not exceed 50 pitches on any one day.
  • Use of a pitcher beyond the defined 50 pitch rule/80 pitch for weekend above will result in his automatic removal from the game, as well as the ejection of the manager. If the violation is found after the game has been completed, the game may be considered a forfeit.   Pitchers will pitch at the 46’ distance for all tournament games.


We will play 6 inning games, and one hour and 45 minute rule for 12u and below.

  • In pool play, once the 6th inning is reached or the time limit is reached, the game will end in a tie.
  • In single elimination, once either the 6th inning is reached or time limit is reached, and both teams are tied, we will then go to International Tie-breaking rules. Both teams will play to win an inning, starting with a runner on second base playing until there is a winner. To start the tie breaker, the last batted out from the previous inning becomes the runner on second when starting the tiebreaker inning.
  • Note: The hour and 45 minute rule is NOT a “drop dead” rule. The inning will be completed if it has been started before the 1 hour and 45 minute limit has been reached.
  • There will be no time limit for Championship games


  • There will be one umpire per game for the pool play and bracket play. Each team is responsible to pay for regular umpire costs. So, for a single game each team will pay $32.50 for the umpire for 8u – 12u.
  • Fields/Hosts—some of the tournament divisions have hosts while others do not.  Regardless, all teams should participate in field prep before and after games.
  • The home team score book will be used by the umpire to determine if the pitcher has reached his/her limit. Scorebooks should be clear in showing where the pitcher pitched. The visiting team should check every inning to make sure the home team book is accurate.
  • Suspended games procedure – All tournament games stopped by inclement weather that have not become “official” (home team leading after 3 ½ innings or after the completion of 4 innings) will be played as suspended games and resumed from the point at which they were suspended.  The home team score book will denote the time remaining in the 1:45 time limit and, upon resumption, the time limit will be reestablished with the umpires at the plate conference prior to the start of the game.  Any “official” game that is called on account of weather will be recorded as final.
  • Delays in Start Times of Games – Any games which are not started as scheduled due to weather or access to the playing field shall be deemed delayed. The official start time of the game shall be the time at which the plate conference concludes. This time should be agreed to by both managers and the home plate umpire and documented in the home team score book.
  • Number of Players – A team must have at least 9 players to start a game. A team may play with 8 players once the game is in progress. The missing player in the batting order shall be deemed out each time that spot comes up to bat.
  • Major league mound visits (1 per defensive inning without a change in pitchers).
  • Free defensive substitution for players in the batting line-up/order.
  • Batting Order – The use of the DH (designated hitter) and/or EH (extra hitter) is allowed.  The DH may be used for a pitcher or any other defensive player as specified by NHFS rules.  Hit 9 (with or without a DH), 10 (with an EH and with or without a DH), or all batters in the line-up.
  • In case of injury where a team has no eligible substitutes available to enter the game, the opposing manager may select an ineligible substitute to replace the injured player.
  • Courtesy runners for the pitcher and catcher – Any eligible substitute may be used as a courtesy runner, regardless of the number of outs.  For the purposes of this tournament, a starter who is eligible to re-enter the game will be deemed an eligible substitute and can be used as a courtesy runner, so long as no other official eligible substitute is available.  For teams batting all players, the last batted out may be used as a courtesy runner.  The same player may not run for the pitcher and catcher in the same inning.
  • Home team shall keep the official book.  Please have both teams keep a book and check them throughout the game to avoid discrepancies.
  • No protests will be recognized. All umpire decisions are final.
  • Manager and player ejection policy - Manager ejection – coach may not coach subsequent Tournament game. Player ejection – player cannot participate in subsequent Tournament game. Team needs to complete Ejection Report and have it signed by umpire. Team needs to submit Ejection Report to Umpire & Coach at the following game’s plate meeting.
  • 1st and 2nd place in each division will get a team trophy.

Forfeited Games

  • If a team forfeits their game, put the score in as 6 – 0, 6 innings played.

Format Used for Seeding from Pool Play (listed in order) –

  • Wins & Losses
  • Head to Head games
  • Runs allowed
  • Runs scored
  • Coin Flip