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Columbus Day Playoff Rules

Tournament Info

WEATHER--A reminder that coaches are still responsible for making pre-game weather determinations.  We will not have staff at fields.  The 3 hour rule is still in play.  You will contact MAC umpires just like the regular season. 

8u - 12u  Please also e-mail Josh at JoshB@nvtbl.org if there are delays or cancellations so we can update schedules and other teams.  

13u-18u-  Email Jenni at JenniA@nvtbl.org with udpates.

FIELD PREP--Please bring a rake and be prepared to help with field prep.  FX County does not rake/drag or line fields in between games.  FX County will be mowing/dragging those fields on Thursday/Friday.  They do not line fields as you all know.

TEAM CONTACTS--Just like the regular season, we encourage you to reach out to your opponent before your game.  You can find this info at http://www.NVTBL.org under Team Contacts.

HOME/VISITORS--Home and Visitors will be determined by Bocce Ball for pool play.  Each team nominates a player to roll a baseball towards the pitching rubber.  Whichever player gets the ball closest to pitching rubber wins.  It can go past the rubber to win.  Pay no attention to the Sports Engine assigned H/V as it auto assigns that and we can't get rid of it on the website.  

SCORES--Report scores within 20 minutes of conclusion of game.  If scores are reported late then the TD may choose to call game a 6-6 tie.  This is especially true for the last games on Saturday as everyone else will be waiting on seedings for Sunday.  We can't finalize that until we have all of the scores.


REFUNDS/CREDITS--A reminder that umpire fees are separate so our fees/work doesn't change at all if games are cancelled.  In fact, there is much more work if we get rain.  With that being said, we will still offer a very fair credit program like in years past.  

-  0 games-  Refund minus $10 processing fee

-  1 game-  $100 refund/credit

-  2 games or more-  No refund/credit


UMPIRE FEES -- Umpires are to be paid at the HP conference before the game at ALL levels. 

-  8u - 12u-  $32.50 per team 

-  13u - VAR- - $70- each team pays one of the 2 umpires, per game

Balls -- Both teams provide the same number of baseballs for the game. 

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