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The 2018 NVTBL Holiday Gift Guide

12/11/2018, 10:15am EST
By Jenn Skinner


Happy Holidays to all of our NVTBL families! If you're feeling like you're a little down in the count today with your gift list, we've got all your bases covered.

(My apologies. The puns were just right there. You know? Right in my wheelhouse.)

Take a look at some fun and creative gift ideas that will make ball players of any age smile.


*Baseball Lounge Pants*



It is the off-season so these baseball lounge pants (which, let's be honest, are just a fancy way of saying "pajamas" to give you an excuse to wear them all day) are from They are perfect for when your player has some downtime. They can be customized with your team's name or you might choose their more generic options.

*Baseball Case for Iphone*

We all know it's hard to get our kids off their devices these days, so this might be a way to at least remember your kid's name even when you forget what he looks like since his phone is covering his face most of the time. This phone case can be customized with you player's name and number.

*Baseball Cross Pendant*


This 5 Tool Baseball Bat Cross Pendant  from is a perfect Christmas gift for your athlete. The cross is formed by the union of three baseball bats and comes in sterling silver.  A variety of chain lengths are also available.

*MLB USA Jigsaw Puzzle*



For those rainy days when the game is canceled and your family has no idea what to do, pull out this Major League Baseball United States jigsaw puzzle and see how long you can get your Little Leaguer to stay in your warm, dry house. Usually, for me that would last until the teammates came over to play wiffle ball in the rain. It's worth a shot, anyway, Mom.

*Baseball Hoodie Blanket*


I'm not sure this is a look I would endorse, but stranger wardrobes have happened when I've been sitting at game feeling like I might turn to ice. This sports hoodie blanket might be just what one needs during those early "spring" games.

*Holiday/Baseball Themed Sweatshirts*



We all know that baseball doesn't stop during the Christmas season so these fun holiday themed sweatshirts from might make it easier to get up early and get to the indoor hitting lessons. I like this Ho Ho Homerun one which comes in six different colors.



The Play Ball Christmas dog also is great and  comes in a variety of colors as well.

*Baseball Bedside Lamp*



This Baseball Bedside Lamp is super cool for your player's bedroom. It changes colors and has a remote control and a timer setting.

*Novelty Baseball Socks*



I've noticed that crazy patterned socks seem to be all the rage among the teen boys lately. (And I suppose it's clear that I'm beyond the teen years since I just used the term "all the rage" which probably came about during FDR's administration.) In any event, these baseball themed socks come in lots of fun colors.

*Set of Four Shot Glasses*


For the player or coach (of legal age, of course!) in your life this set of shot glasses might make a fun, unique gift. 

*Baseball Wine Rack*

For the baseball mom or dad who has almost everything, you can bet they probably don't have this baseball bat wine rack. The spine is fashioned from a "baseball bat sourced from Cooperstown, New York, the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame" and is available from Add the wine and you've got yourself an All-Star gift for that lady whose been picking sunflower seeds out of the dryer vent and washing stains out of your white pants all season long.

The Northern Virginia Travel Baseball League wishes you much joy, love, and peace this holiday season as well as more hits and fewer errors in the new year. Happy Shopping!

(Disclaimer: I have, as of yet, not purchased any of these items and therefore cannot personally vouch for their quality. Products and companies here have not sponsored this post. However, The View from Behind Home Plate is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associaties Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn small fees by linking to

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