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How to Hit a Home Run This Holiday: A Baseball Moms Gift Guide

12/12/2017, 11:45am EST
By Jenn Skinner

Merry Christmas, Baseball Fans!


I don't know about you, but with Christmas only a couple of weeks away, I'm feeling very much like I'm facing a 100 mph fast ball with two outs and two strikes on me in the bottom of the ninth. Hopefully, you're ahead of me in taking care of your gift list, but if not, I'm offering my fellow baseball parents a little help today.


Having celebrated numerous Christmas mornings with baseball enthusiasts from t-ball age to veteran coaches, I have some ideas for you.


Here we go.



Kaskey Kids Baseball Guys


This was one of my kids' favorite gifts when they were t-ballers. There is a felt baseball field, two different teams and a scoreboard. A toy which will keep a bunch of boys still and occupied for long stretches of time is exactly what a mom of little ones needs and this is the one. 


SKLZ Training Tools


A quick survey of my garage helped me determine that we have given a significant amount of cash to the folks at SKLZ. It appears that these products are the ones  most used by my favorite youth baseball coach who happens to be married to me.



These Softhands Fielding Training Tools are said to "reinforce the use of two hands and the player getting his/her body in front of the ball." I don't know much, but that sounds important to me.




This Reaction Ball  has six sides so that it bounces randomly and helps improve reflexes and reaction time when fielding. It occurs to me that if someone could create a training tool that improves the reaction time of my kid when I need him to get his shoes and backpack off the floor that would be a rich person.




This Hit-Away Swing Trainer  improves hand-eye coordination and batting power. It can be attached to a pole or even a tree which means OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOUSE, MOM! I don't recall us every having this because it seems that a baseball being hit off of a tee into a net in my basement has been the background music of every winter season for the past 15 years, so this thing sounds like a great idea. 


Award Display Shelves


We have long lamented the "Everyone Gets a Trophy" trend in this generation of youth sports, but it seems that ship has sailed. We have approximately 763 medals and trophies, and alas, I can assure you we have not celebrated anywhere near that many actual championships. If, by chance, there are some awards that you didn't "accidentally" misplace during your last spring cleaning and that actually represent a special season to your player, here are some fun ways to display them.



This one will display all those medals your little champ brings home.



This one also has a shelf for the fourteen World Champion trophies your player will certainly acquire by the time he's ten years old. ;-)


Cap Rack



With three baseball players and a coach in my house we could likely cover the heads of every player in the MLB. It seems to me that boys are quite attached to their ball caps as mine seem to be very reluctant to let any of them go. This cap rack holds 18 of your kid's favorite caps and fits over the closet door.


The Light Lady's Lighted Glass Sports Box





A number of years ago, my son, Drew, got a Red Sox Light Box for his birthday. He loves it and still plugs it in every night. You can visit The Light Lady's facebook page here. These are perfect for your little player's night light or your big player's man cave.


Baseball Card Adventure Series Books by Dan Gutman



I think there must have been at least ten different book reports written by all of my boys based on books in this series by Dan Gutman. My boys read every last one in the series. The main character is a young boy who has magical baseball cards that transport him back in time to meet and learn from some of baseball's greatest heroes including Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Mickey Mantle and Shoeless Joe Jackson. I think that for all three the favorite was Jackie and Me, but all of them are wonderful stories that teach not only about the player, but about the culture and history of the time. 


Unique Tee Shirts




Cafe Press is my favorite online store to purchase unique t-shirts. I have a catcher so I love this one.


Last but not least, in honor of you and your carpooling and your laundering and that great restraint you showed in not freaking out on the umpire that time when your kid was clearly safe and he was called out, I think you, my dear, sweet fellow Baseball Mom, need to treat yourself:


You deserve this.

In this special season, I wish you peace and joy, at least one canceled practice and zero windows busted out by a flying baseball. Have a blessed holiday!


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