Hall of Famer George Brett speaks at George Mason's First Pitch Dinner with MASN's Phil Wood about his early days with the Royals, his 1980 campaign when he almost hit .400, how he hates striking out and his approach at the plate. George also answers questions on his childhood, being elected to the HoF and the Royals recent WS title plus much more. (Recorded in 2017)

Marymount coach Mike Cassidy gives us an inside look at the Saints' batting practice and the approach they teach their hitters. Mike also discusses 2-strike approach, outfield defense and some great drills to do, differences between the D1 and D3 levels and a preview on Marymount’s season plus much more. 

Longtime Lake Braddock coach Dan Griel goes over why teams play small and what it can do for your offense, some of the keys to playing small ball, his thoughts on different small ball situations, how to defend these situations, some great drills to practice and much more. 

Former professional ballplayer Michael Katz discusses his thoughts on what makes a great teammate, ways he bonded with his teammates, playing at the college level and what it takes to succeed at the higher levels, dealing with failure and some fun memories of his time playing at William and Mary plus much more. 

Former professional catcher Jason Troilo goes over catching fundamentals, including blocking and throwing mechanics, his thoughts on how executing receiving and framing pitches can impact games and everyday drills for catchers to improve their game plus much more...

Washington Nationals' physical therapist Seth Blee talks pitching and what it does to our arm, steps to help recover from pitching, a proper warm-up routine, his thoughts on the current pitch limitations and how long he thinks pitchers should rest in between outings and his experience tasting October champagne this past fall with the Nats plus much more. 

Madison head coach Mark "Pudge" Gjormand talks his keys to developing a winning team, building relationships with his players, creating consistency within his program and shares a special story from his coaching career plus much more. 

11-year MLB veteran Shawn Camp talks pitching mechanics, having a pregame routine, the importance of throwing a changeup and shares a favorite memory with a Yankees legend plus much more. 

Nick Sussman (Nats Youth Academy/Win Within Baseball) explains how the Nats Youth Baseball Academy started and all the great things they do for the community. Nick also discusses how there is no better game than baseball to foster character development in youth. We also talk about ways our listeners can get involved and the lasting impact the academy has made in Washington D.C. 

Mark Wrighte dives into offseason workouts as well as getting away from the game to prepare for the next season, using video games as a useful tool for learning the game and much more. 

Carson Carroll discusses his pre-pitch routine, the proper technique when fielding groundballs, what a perfect infield practice looks like and much more. 

Mike Colangelo gives us his thoughts on teaching launch angles to youth players, some great drills to improve your swing, a special memory from his time in the MLB and much more. 

Josh Belanger sits down with the legendary Ron Tugwell to discuss the recruiting process and how that process has changed since he began coaching at West Springfield in 1974.