Conner Hall (former 2-way star at Marymount & current coach with the Saints) goes over baserunning fundamentals and team principles on the base paths, leading off first, second and third with some great tips and advice at each bag, getting a read on the pitcher’s pick-off moves, when we should take the extra base and how we should approach baserunning in BP while also diving into tips on stealing, dirt ball reads and a bit of insight into the Division 3 program at Marymount plus much more!

Mike Gallagher (head coach at Robinson SS & co-founder of the Metro Baseball Academy) provides advice on how players and teams should approach the uncertain months ahead and why teams should be cautious trying to catch up on lost time. We also discuss how best to maximize the summer months in regards to development, recruiting and a balanced and competitive schedule while we also get into college camps, the goal of the Metro Senators PSL team and insight into Robinson’s green days, off-season workout schedule and what he likes to see in incoming freshman plus much more!

On this podcast, Tyler Womer (asst. coach at Erskine College) goes over how they set up infield practice at Erskine and what they want their players focusing on, infield drills, teaching players how to have an internal clock, how different coaching styles help certain players, teaching defensive situations while we also get into topics on Division II baseball like recruiting, roster sizes, scholarship info, how the COVID-19 situation will affect recruiting and how a couple of plays turned the Flying Fleet's season around plus much more! 

On this episode, former big leaguer LJ Hoes (Baltimore Orioles & Houston Astros) explains having an approach at the plate and how to find an approach that will work for us, drills to master our approach, having confidence w/ 2 strikes, studying the pitcher and pregame batting practice while also getting into topics on work ethic, lessons he learned from his time in the big leagues, routines, athletic development and what it takes to play at the next level. LJ also shares why he decided to go pro after high school, his MLB debut plus much more!

Founder of CatchersU and head coach of Osbourne Park Jack Ferrick returns to the podcast to discuss the recruiting process and how the current COVID-19 crisis will affect it. Jack also breaks down how the recruiting process should begin and some important questions players need to answer before jumping in. We also discuss what he looks for when trying to find the right fit for a potential recruit while we dive into the weeds on the various recruiting periods, verbal and written commitments and NLIs, what players should be doing right now with additional time on their plate, different recruiting budgets, communicating with coaches and how to properly use other recruiting resources plus much more!

Former MLB player Mike Colangelo returns to the podcast to help us maneuver our way through quarantine by giving us tons of great things we can be doing on our own and at home to help us improve our game. We discuss taking advantage of extra time & what players should be doing on a daily basis, break down several at home drills & exercises, ways to increase bat speed, 2-strike approach mentality, competing with yourself, tips on recruiting during this time and much more!

Former Naval Academy catcher and current Osbourn Park head coach Jack Ferrick goes over how a catcher should set up & find comfort behind the plate, everyday drills, reducing your pop time, pitch sequences, calling games, building a relationship w/ the umpire, how to handle the "Trea Turner play", catching at the next level plus much more!

On this episode, former William & Mary shortstop Kyle Wrighte sits down to discuss proper fielding technique and keys to building a strong foundation, different drills and why we do them, practicing different hops and spins, building confidence, pre-game ins and outs, the recruiting process plus much more!

Ben Kaplan (Oakton HS coach) explains performance anxiety and how it can affect our game, covers strategies to help overcome anxiety and fears, common issues he sees with youth athletes and their mental approach, pre-game routines, drills, lessons plus much more!

Ben can be reached at or on Twitter/IG @DMCKaplan

On this episode, we sit down with USA Baseball’s director of coaching development Andrew Bartman at the 76th annual ABCA convention in Nashville, TN. Prior to joining the team at USA Baseball, Coach Bartman coached collegiately for 12 years, including stints at his alma mater Lincoln College, MacMurray College and Bethany College, and also recently worked as the Youth liaison for the ABCA. For this podcast, we discuss new USA Baseball initiatives and resources, coaching, growing the game of baseball and teaching it the right way, recruiting, the ABCA convention and preview next year’s event in Washington, D.C., plus much more!

McLean head coach John Dowling goes over the expectations for incoming freshman & what players should focus to become productive varsity players. We also get into choosing the right travel program, strength and development, being a good teammate, drills and fundamentals and much more!

On today’s show, we are joined Marc Polymeropoulos to discuss his parents guide to surviving the baseball recruiting wars. Marc served 26 years in the CIA before retiring from the Senior Intelligence Service this summer. Marc has presented his recruiting talk to hundreds of parents and players, drawing from his experience with the recruiting process with his son Chris, who will be a senior catcher this spring at James Madison HS and has committed to playing at Roanoke College. He talks about the good times and the bad, but also provides a great perspective for parents and players starting the recruiting process and advice on how to combat the challenges that go along with picking the right showcase team, traveling, communicating with coaches and the many other dynamics that go along with the recruiting process. 

On this episode, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Tyler Zombro discusses segments on pitching and becoming a professional prospect. We dive into topics on pregame routines, mechanics, injury prevention and recovery, incorporating technology, using weighted balls, mental preparation, competitiveness and some personal stories about his career and his breakout 2019 campaign in which he was named the organization's top minor league reliever.  

On today’s show, Washington Nationals physical therapist Seth Blee returns to our podcast to discuss injury prevention, diving into some specific common baseball injuries and how to prevent them, recovery after starts, his thoughts on using weighted balls and a cool inside look into a few of the Nationals players' routines and their World Series run this fall plus much more! 

On today’s show we sit down with former professional player Eddie Kim to talk swing fundamentals, at-bat preparation, approach at the plate and off-season training among other topics. Eddie is also the current head of the NOVA Premier baseball organization and coaches kids of all levels with their swings at his EK Baseball facility in Sterling. 

Welcome to another season of NVTBL's EDU podcast! On today’s show I sit down with 3 different organizational leaders within NVTBL and discuss how to choose a travel program that best fits your child. First, I talk with Andy Bradley from the Bradley Eagles, then we talk with Nick Sussman, who runs the Win Within program and then conclude with Ken Tyrrell, leader of the PowerU organization. We dive into various topics regarding travel programs, including what travel teams should offer each season, communication between coaches and parents, player interaction and development and discuss each organization in detail, but first we begin by discussing the priorities into choosing a travel program that will be the right fit for you.